From the day the Denby brothers set out to avenge the brutal killing of their parents, the three men were about to ride into history.

For a full year they tracked the band of renegades down, and when they watched the last of them die in the choking dust and relentless heat of the desert, Gage and his younger brothers, Orrin and Will had become a legend of the plains across the Southwest Territory.

In Arizona, on the banks of the Gila River, the town of Harmony was cowering in fear, praying The Three Horsemen could rescue an Indian Princess from the hated Bledsoe Gang. They had taken her as their lone captive while they tried to elude those hunting them for murdering some of her people and rustling their herd of wild ponies.

And a band of young Apache braves intent on their own brand of revenge carried out a raid on a lone ranching outpost and killed every settler to a man, except for six young white women the braves took as captives.It was a clear message, their own brand of reprisal for the murders of their own people and the kidnapping of their chief’s daughter and only offspring.

An agenda for The Three Horsemen is set by the town fathers in the town of Harmony; track down the five members of the Bledsoe Gang and return the Apache Princess safely to her father or they will burn the town to the ground. But the proud young warriors who have taken the six young white women as spoils of war now refuse to give their prize back. Against their chief’s orders, they take the six white women and run.

The Denby brothers give chase across hundreds of miles of Arizona landscape and finally down into the deep canyon where the River of No Return rages westward. Only one thing is certain. A final battle is eminent. The question is, who will live to go free and who will die under the Arizona sun.

Who will die under the Arizona Sun?

Whose blood will drain into the desert sand?