Blood in the Desert Sand is my latest Novel.  I hope you enjoy this exciting adventure, telling the tale of the Denby Brothers.

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5 Stars by Fiction Addition Angela on Goodreads

We all think we know the story of the “Wild West”
Cowboys and Indians – the bad guys being the Indians.. well that’s how the movies portray American history.

I’m so glad I’ve read this book because I now see a whole different side to the story!
Settlers who wanted new land to cultivate and build homes upon, seemed to forget about the tribes who had been living there for hundreds of years.

Over the years as the settlers arrived in and around Arizona the confrontations grew and forts were built in strategic locations to protect the settlers whilst the Indians were forced into new settlements.

The Navajo, Hopi and Apache were pushed far enough away from the settlers so they no longer became a threat.

So we begin with this epic adventure, I cannot express how much I love Donald Montano books.

I get a history lesson and a detailed look at what became early American history everytime I read his books.
This is a stand alone book. His others are a trilogy set in and around Charleston.

I could write reems about this novel, but I need to keep it brief and not offer to many spoilers, otherwise you readers won’t thank me.

You all know I need to love my characters in books. I have to truly believe in them and feel what it would be like to be in their shoes. Well it’s moccasins in this story! and I almost wanted to be an Indian so I could ride along with the incredible adventures of the cast of this novel.

Let’s just say our main character with his steely grey eyes is every bit of a cowboy you want him to be!
As usual this author paints a vivid picture of Denby describing what I can only say must have been every womans dream in 1870.
I can say I like what I see in my head.

Gage Denby has been through the ringer. His family massacred, farmhouse burnt down to the ground and all his horses and cattle taken by the Kiowa War party.. even though they were tortured and killed he still has the love and support of his younger brothers Will and Orrin.

The Denby brothers become involved in a rescue mission to retrieve white woman who have been captured by 20 renegade Indian Braves.

But let’s throw a little complication in the mix!
A beautiful Indian Woman called Running Fawn is sent with blessings from her father Chief Manalito and 10 Indian braves to rescue the women.
Running Fawn is a beautiful woman and immediately Gage feels unsettled by her but his heart has been closed for a long time and it’s not until a fight to the death with a Bowie knife, with Chato the renegade does he begin to allow his feelings to rise to the surface.

As the story grabs hold of you it moves along at breakneck speed and I find myself riding my horse, meeting sheriffs, feeling the bitter racism of the town folk towards the Indians, seeing the battles through the eyes of Major Green of the US 1st Cavalry and the Apache braves lifestyle. I’m firing Winchesters, and learning what it’s like to be in a tribe.

Seeing the life through the eyes of thousands of Indians that are in a encampment is truly fascinating and I felt a sadness that they couldn’t live as they wanted, peacefully.
In this story The White Mountain Apache admit defeat and are forced by the US to pack up and trek 500 miles to reach and create their new homes.
While all this unhappiness is taking place we learn about the hunters who are cashing in on the Indians plight and taking great pleasure in capturing them, and selling them to be sent to work in the Mexican silver mines until they died.
Throw this into the mixer and we have a story of love, adventure, sorrow and fierce fighting amongst the slavers.

I can’t express how much I learnt in this story by Montano I was invested in every rescue mission, romantic gesture, and followed eagerly the story of the 10 rescued women, 3 brave cowboys, and the brothers who find a new family amongst this stew of people. It’s a story of love between an Indian chiefs daughter and a man who learns to love again. It’s a sad chunk of history that we need to learn from and never repeat.

This is for everyone who
wants a big piece of history pie, with characters that take you by the hand and whisk you back to 1870

5 Apache Stars ⭐️