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I was born and raised in the sleepy little mill town of Thompsonville, on the banks of the Connecticut River. I founded an energy beam welding company in a two-car garage in the foothills of the Berkshires, and in the years that followed, the business prospered. Forty-one years later, my two sons are running the business and have retired their dad to sunny Florida. But I most certainly did not go quietly! Instead I took up writing in my spare time along with traveling the globe.  I am truly enjoying my world now as a published author of historical fiction, with four exciting adventures already written and many more to follow!  


I hope you enjoy reading my novels as my wish is to allow your mind to travel through my stories.  The first in my collection is the Trilogy.  This three-part adventure tells the tale of of a lone Civil War soldier, John Sampson, that begins his story in Drink Deep From the Well of Good Intentions.  As a stranger passing through a small town, he finds his journey into his new life has only just begun.  Without giving away too many of the good details, his journey will take him on a winding, twisting path through Escape Back to Charleston, until he reaches his destined purpose in An Ill Wind is Blowing.  From Romance to intrigue, civil unrest to murder… a true exciting adventure I believe you will enjoy!


This Western novel is my fourth book.  I took a completely different direction as I tell the fictional tale of life in the western front in the 1800s.  From gunfighters and Apache Indians to Mexican Slavers, the story is intertwined with a forbidden love between an Apache princess and immortalized gunman.  Together he and his brother face countless struggles…. but yet struggles that bind them closer together, white man and native American, in their long trek to the West.  Blood in the Desert Sand is a true western adventure!

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