From the story Beware the Devil Wind formally An Ill Wind is Blowing.

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This is the third book in the series and it delivers! This is a quality writer who artfully builds suspense and keeps you turning the pages. In the first two books, he created mystery and tension and everything culminates into an exciting, satisfying ending with An Ill Wind is Blowing. His main characters were well-developed with a thorough back-story, so you understand them and care about them. Mr. Montano uses history as a character too. Clever and creative tactics to undo enemies in this book is fascinating, and something I have never seen in a book before. I am not a reader of Westerns, so this series was out of my comfort zone, and to capture my interest in this genre was a coup itself! I just hope this is not the last we have seen of John and Arley–an excellent read. I recommend, especially to Western romance lovers.

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is the third and final book of the trilogy by this author. I must say that it was my favorite of all three. I found the plot ever growing and the plot combined twists and turns with every chapter. All the characters, even the minor ones, were beautifully portrayed and well defined. The deep South after the Civil War was extremely complicated. Donald Montano has explained a great deal of it in Colleton County, So. Carolina as families were torn apart by enormous greed from a few disgusting members of the Charleston crowd. John Sampson, Arley and Joshua, along with newly introduced characters, team up to bring an order back to the once civilized community. In a word…Dynamic! Three words?…A must read! Maybe they’ll be more to come in the near future. Maybe someone will snatch it up as a TV mini-series.

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The last book in the trilogy that I thoroughly enjoyed also. I love how the author sets up complicated situations and then solves them creatively. Best books I have read in a while.

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Whenever I read a trilogy or any series, it is very seldom that I am not disappointed. Mostly it is the first book that is worth reading only, the following installment of books are usually just a flame adding to the smoke that will leave you hanging in the end. I always find myself reading from best to better then just settle on good. But on this one, I can fairly say that it is the reverse. I read all of three books with my enthusiasm never wavering. Me on my comfy couch with a tea will be the proof of that.

I love that the story is not fast-paced but not slow either. It is written so good that I always have these question on my head waiting to be answered. Clearly, it hold my interest and makes me want to turn the pages even more. I know there is always a twist and turn just around the corner. Though this last installment in the series has been less descriptive on the passionate nights between Miss Ruttlinger and Sampson,which I enjoyed by the way, I am relieved that the course of events have become more interesting till the end. Always unexpected.

Again, I would like to praise the author’s brilliance and attention to detail in this novel. Everything is described vividly. I feel like I was there listening to Sampson making his plans carefully and very detailed. The book also touched a bit on the controversial divine intervention. With their plan working out so well and odds always in their favor even when things starts to turn gray, who would not think otherwise? I would give no more spoilers but rather an assurance that if you read the series till the end, you won’t be let down.

5 STARS by Amelia Ostrosky on Amazon

A perfect ending to the Trilogy. I loved all three of these books because of the strength and character of the women. I cant wait for the next book from this author.

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Good Book.