Insight to the Trilogy

For those who got a sneak peak of the upcoming release of the Trilogy of John Sampson, here are some of the answers to the questions you have asked…

My Inspiration

Well, first of all it wasn’t meant to be a trilogy.  It was going to be a single book until it started to grow in length.  The more I wrote, I was drawn to flesh out additional characters and add more locations, allowing my characters to travel across our great country in 1867; a short time after the Civil War. And then, of course, more characters and suspenseful scenes came to life.  So the story continued to grow, until it naturally became a trilogy.

This was perfect you see…. Because all alone it was meant to be a flight, if you will, of my hero, John Sampson, abandoning the war-torn South to have him just ride away and not look back.  His character was sickened and disillusioned… he needed to go in search of his own soul which he had lost on the battlefield.

The Journey of John Sampson

Sampson’s quest is a soul-searching journey.  He comes face to face with Arley in a battle of wills, which gets down and outright dirty.  But through it all, Arley, is his true soulmate.  In the first book, he also encounters, Joshua – an escaped slave that has become his trusted friend.  Together the three of them will journey and travel back across the country in Book two.  From stagecoaches to steamboats to steam locomotives, these characters grow and the intense mystery of their destination creates a newly founded energy as they arrive into Charleston, South Carolina.   By book three they have arrived at their destination, only to find nothing has change.  So many people in the war had died for nothing, it seemed.  And the same hate, the same greed was spawning a new kind of lawlessness across the cotton fields of South Carolina yet again. But now they were here, my formidable threesome, and another battle was about to be waged.  This time, against the very tyranny that had ignited the Civil War to begin with…. But for that, it is your turn to open the books and read!

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