The Women of the Stories

Who serves as my inspiration for the two main, female characters of my books?  Are Running Fawn and Arley two of the same?

As you might suspect, for those who have followed me through the years….. the women in the story are not purely by happenstance.  These two women, Arley, from the plains of Colorado and Running Fawn, an adopted princess of the Apache are both drawn from every woman I have met met and engaged with, in passing or true friendship.  Their personas are so uniquely their own.  It was their strength of characters and an unflappable belief in their own abilities that I wanted to be sure to depict.  This strength… for this I must mention Amelia, the woman I share my life with.  It is in her ability to always project inner strength, and the way she reaches out to those around her and draws them in close… it is this strength from which the true inspiration for these two female characters is drawn from.  The way Amelia always strives to be better and to lift up everyone around her…. that is a driving force I wanted to depict.

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