My inspiration to write

I often get asked, what inspires me to write?  A short answer, yet not so easy to put down on paper….

To write comes from a voice inside me, and a feeling… a desire to put my story on paper.  Just as much, I like to read the books of the truly great authors as well as the new-be’s.  And I cannot shake it,  even after fifty years since I took to writing short stories for my sixth-grade, class’ homework.  Now I am retired from the working world and writing furiously…. Because it is something I must do!

I am also asked, which characters in my story do I personally identify with….

First, I absolutely identify with my main characters.  They are my heroes!  With lofty ideals and raging desires, and a tremendous strength of characters…. See there I go at a, but finally I must include a little flaw or two, so I can feel more at home in their skin.  But always what they must endure has to be a battle against insurmountable odds, with doubt and even a little fear in them at times to not only make them believable to my readers, but to me as well.

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