“An Ill Wind is Blowing”

Amanda Hughes

Feb 24, 2016Amanda Hughes rated it it was amazing
This is the third book in the series and it delivers! This is a quality writer who artfully builds suspense and keeps you turning the pages. In the first two books, he created mystery and tension and everything culminates into an exciting, satisfying ending with An Ill Wind is Blowing. His main characters were well-developed with a thorough back-story, so you understand them and care about them. Mr. Montano uses history as a character too. Clever and creative tactics to undo enemies in this book is fascinating, and something I have never seen in a book before. I am not a reader of Westerns, so this series was out of my comfort zone, and to capture my interest in this genre was a coup itself! I just hope this is not the last we have seen of John and Arley–an excellent read. I recommend, especially to Western romance lovers.

“An Ill Wind is Blowing”

Although western books are not my favorite genre, I was truly fascinated by this offering from the talented author, Donald Montano.
It is the last and final book of his trilogy, and I also believe it’s the best of the series. The narrative held my interest throughout, as I enter in the captivating storyline. It has so many twists and turns that will make your head spin. You will eagerly become part of the exciting, challenging world of the post civil war in the deep south. The detailed, splendid description of this bygone era will transport the reader with amazing clarity, in an interesting and violent time of history.
The characters are captivating and well written. There is a three dimensional quality to them and that will enhance the pleasure of reading the book.Our hero Sampson is an outstanding character, and I became a fan of his since book one. He is always on the forefront of intrigue, twisting plotlines, and violence. As always, the lovely Arley is by his side and adds considerable chemistry. There are many new interesting characters enriching the storyline. You will love or hate them, but they will add to the interest of the story. It vividly comes alive in the well written pages of the book..
Although, the storyline is rather complex with many twists and turns, and a truly exciting ending. The narrative is still easy to follow with very clear visual description.

This book is a true page turner, and I particularly enjoyed the feeling of entering a new exciting world that thoroughly captivated me. You will follow with interest the violent, evil Redshirts through the riveting battle scenes. They fill the reader with dread by their graphic and realistic depictions. There are also dramatic heartbreaking descriptions of violence in South Carolina. You will be impressed by the valor and courage of Joshua, Arley and John Sampson. You will cheer as they attempt to bring a sense of order to the frightened citizens of Charleston.
You will also enter with curiosity and wonder the forbidden, sprawling grounds of Black Seed. The reader will feel like a benevolent voyeur, as one follows the passionate banters and lovemaking between the lovely Miss Ruttlinges and Sampson. This will satisfy the romantics among the readers.
I highly recommend “An Ill Wind is Blowing”.


5.0 out of 5 stars

As a fictional author I appreciate the complexity of creating a story that is captivating and compelling. Author Donald Montano post civil war-western will hold your attention with his eloquent, descriptive style. He brings the surrounding to life and gives you the amazing feeling of being there as an invisible voyeur. The characters are real in so many ways, tridimensional and well developed. You can almost feel the emotion of their trials and tribulation as you follow John Sampson’s difficult journey as he overcomes obstacles and tribulations. There are so the many twists and turns that make your head spin. You will have difficulty putting this book down until the very end. One of my favorite characters is the stunning and passionate Arley; the complexity of her persona is particularly interesting and will surely captivate the readers. This western novel is written with creativity and style by the talented author. I look forward of reading more offerings from Mr. Montano. Well worth your time and highly recommended.

By Adriana Girolami on January 22, 2016

I haven’t read a good Western in a long time and this was one of the best! The characters really do come to life on the page and you will find yourself back in time with gunfights…love…hate…bringing back to remembrance a time in history when men were rugged and determined! I highly recommend this book. The author definitely knows how to captivate the reader and keep the pages turning in anticipation.!

Suburb writing Mr. Montano

By ~djohnson on December 25, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars

Another great writer is discovered!

You have got to be kidding! This is the first book written by this guy and being in love with the western genre all my life, I could not believe what he accomplished. This story goes off with a “bang” pardon the pun, and never runs out of ammunition. The characters, their stories, the backdrop and attention to details kept me going as if I literally was watching a terrific movie. It has action, intrigue, suspense and mixed with a bit of sex thrown in for good measure the only let down is it ends.

But take heart, Montano didn’t just write one book about this cast of characters, he wrote two more. The second one and the third are as good if not better than the first. You get to know these people as if you are part of an on going saga that takes hold and doesn’t let go.

You might as well buy all three so you don’t have to waste time going from one to another. I hope Montano keeps this saga going with a forth book. I can’t wait!

on March 1, 2016


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