What’s your favorite book and why?

I’m always interested in finding out what my fans think of my books.  I love reading the comments on Amazon® to see the perspectives of each of the readers.  I’d love to know more about you, what your thoughts are on any of my books so far.  Things like your favorite character, did you have a favorite book, etc.  Please feel free to let me know… Looking forward to it!

My most recent adventure

August 2016 A Journey through the wild wild west has to be on everyone’s bucket list for sure!  This summer we had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful landscapes of the west.  I’ve shared some of my photo with you in the section above titles, My Adventures.  Take a peek.  I’d love to hear about your adventures to the West as well.  I’m always look for new places to venture to… great settings for my books of course!  Please click here to share your travels….  

Character Development

Development of a character within a story is one of the most important aspects of writing, aside from the actual story itself.  I too have my favorite characters from my book collection.  I would love to hear more about yours. Join the conversation by clicking the title of this topic.